: alyssa (_overexposed) wrote in ownedyou,
: alyssa

Application ...
Name: alyssa
Age:  15
Location: longwood, florida
10 favorite bands: my chemical romance, coldplay, incubus, counting crows, thursday, brand new, the used, dido, postal service, rose petal (support your local rock bands)
3 favorite books: the lovely bones, straight talking, kisscut (go read those, they are so good)
2 favorite movies: fight club and the notebook
1 favorite animal: i like pigs.
Why do you think you own? because i'm hot shit.
Do you like the word pwn? of course.?
What is something unique about you? i can lick my elbow.
Promote this community somewhere: yes.
Atleast three pictures of you. clear, pictures.


...Any last words? mm,



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+ some bands
+ the notebook
- pigs

Well, i'm going to say no. Nothing really stod out.. sowwie.

id say yes.
but i dislike coldplay.
& your pics are a negative.
so no.

i agree with her
no thanks.


February 27 2005, 15:07:19 UTC 12 years ago

Seriously.. You're gross, and 15.. Big hair doesn't necessarily = good hair. <3
ownedyou is dead. get over it. i know it was the best community ever.

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