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Application ...
Name: Tamara
Age: 14
Location: Montreal
10 favorite bands: um, right now I guess I'd have to say..
From First To Last
Nor Am I
Planes Mistaken For Stars
Away From Here
The Hearsay Tao
The Pixies

3 favorite books:
"The Golden Compass"
"The Subtle Knife"
"The Amber Spyglass"
by Philip Pullman
2 favorite movies:
Y Tu Mama Tambien
My Own Private Idaho
1 favorite animal:
I don't know if I can pick just one..
I guess umm..a tiger. yeah. :D
Why do you think you own? For so many reasons..
Do you like the word pwn? ehh..I can't say I use it very often.
What is something unique about you? hmm..that's hard, since very few things today are truly unique. I could name a bunch of random facts about myself but chance are there is at least one other person out there that shares that certain quality. So I don't think I can, really. :(
Promote this community somewhere: here
Atleast three pictures of you. clear, pictures.

and a couple of photoshopped ones just for fun?

...Any last words? <3
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yes because you are hot and thursday owns you.
aaaagh you're super cute, and you like from first to last & underoath.

that gets my vote<3
ahh, that's a yes by the way.
+ thursday and underoath
+suppper cute
awesome bands.
i love your response to the question about the word "pwn."
& im jealous.
bc youre too cute.
i love your hair!
so i guess that means..
you're so fucking gorgeous that i'm jealous!
Thank you! <3
fuckingxcute_. join it. there's a very good chance of you getting in :D