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Name: bethany  
Age: 16
Location: gaithersburg, md
10 favorite bands: the faint, bright eyes, the blood brothers, alkaline trio, tbs,  my chemical romance, boys night out, co&ca, elliott smith, glassjaw
3 favorite books: choke, lullaby, and survivor all by chuck palahnuik  
2 favorite movies: fight club and empire records
1 favorite animal: llamas. they are like a sheep and camal combined.
Why do you think you own? one of my friends made a shirt that said 'i know bethany' then went to the mall and saw a bunch of other people who know me. then they gathered.  i am gaining a following.
Do you like the word pwn? not really there arnt any vowels so it annoys me a little. i lke the work clavicle.
What is something unique about you? after i graduate i want to go to art school and design shirts and posters for bands.
Promote this community somewhere (AND SHOW THE LINK!):
Atleast three pictures of you. clear, pictures.

...Any last words?
i really like pickles.

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